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Teachers and Children at NERAM

The education program at NERAM aims to facilitate and enhance the experience, knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art in both historical and contemporary contexts.

NERAM works closely with schools, tertiary institutions and the Department of Education and Training in the development of programs.

The focus is to provide students with little or no access to the arts an opportunity to experience the wealth of delights the arts can offer.

NERAM also aims to place visual art exhibitions into social and cultural contexts through student centred interpretations and activities.

Art education is Hands-On at NERAMNERAM offers:

  • gallery visits and exhibition talks by artists, educators and curators
  • written educational material containing pre- visit and post-visit learning activities
  • artist residencies workshops with artists for people of all ages with varying abilities
  • insight into collaborative projects with the community
    which extends the meaning of the visual arts into broader contexts.
  • education kits

Gallery Visits
Each class visit to NERAM involves educational activities and student based discussion.

Visual literacy is developed as students interpret and respond to artworks and the comfortable, non threatening environment allows for confident exploration of ideas and feelings.

Artist Residency Programs
To foster enthusiasm for the visual arts there is no substitute for first hand experience of art appealing directly to the senses, and working with artists gives students further insight into the creative process and critical evaluation of works of art.



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