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james gleeson education kit

Gleeson Sketch

Step into the world of the surreal... Immerse yourself in the exhaustive and detailed studies and drawings of James Gleeson.

To supplement the inspiring exhibition of drawings by James Gleeson, On Starting a Painting, an education kit has been devised to provide an introduction to Gleeson and surrealism.

Gleeson's drawings represented in the exhibition and education kit are completed works in their own right - full of the compositional and technical brilliance for which he is famous.

For those who may find surrealism daunting, this is an opportunity not only to comprehend, but to delight in Gleeson's style and method.

The kit addresses the areas of surrealism, European surrealist artists, collage and chance, surrealism in Australia and James Gleeson.

It contains single sheet A3 sized reproductions of three of Gleesons drawings and activities in the areas of art making, art critical and art historical (as outlined in NSW Board of Studies syllabus for visual arts).

The James Gleeson Education Kit is available through the Museum Shop


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