The Gale Donation

Rupert Bunny, Untitled (seated portrait of Jeanne beside rose trellis), detail, 1913

Elioth Gruner, Untitled (pastoral scene with cow), detail, 1920

Elioth Gruner, Untitled (beach painting), detail, n.d

Hans Heysen, Untitled (cattle in a farmyard scene), detail, 1922

Adrian Feint, Hibiscus, detail, n.d

Arthur Steeton, Heroic Lane, The Blackwood Trees, detail, n.d

Herbert Badham, The Grocer’s Shop, detail, 1943

Desiderius Orban, Centennial Park, detail, n.d

Harold Septimus Power, Untitiled (horse pulling logs), detail, 1923

J.J. Hilder, Sheep on a country road, detail, n.d

Arthur Streeton, Watsons Bay, Sydney Heads, detail, 1921

Discover the works of leading Australian artists that are being donated to the NERAM Collection including paintings by Arthur Streeton, Rupert Bunny, Elioth Gruner, Adrian Feint and Herbert Badham.