2017 Annual Appeal

Your donation makes a difference at the NERAM! 

The end of the financial year is approaching and we invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to support key programs and activities here at NERAM. Every donation we receive helps us to provide improved services and facilities to New England artists and the community, look after the artworks in our care and create new educational opportunities.

The New England Regional Art Museum’s ongoing success is made possible by the support that we receive directly from our community through donations, sponsorships and memberships. We believe that the arts, culture and creative industries of our region makes an enormous contribution to the local economy through tourism and improving the quality of life and lifestyle of its residents and that you play an important role in making that possible.






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We ask you to support NERAM’s fundraising priorites in 2017

Please make a tax-deductible donation to support these projects…

New dedicated Howard Hinton Gallery

We ask you to support this transformational project which will help to put NERAM on the national tourism map as a ‘must-see’ arts and cultural destination and present our collection in a beautiful new way. The NERAM Building Improvement Fund will initially support the refurbishment of gallery spaces for the curation and installation of a new long-term Howard Hinton Collection destination exhibition providing visitors with a high-impact museum experience with a display of some of the most significant artworks in the collection that uses AV technology to tell the story of Howard Hinton and his generous philanthropy for everyone to enjoy.

After we improve the exhibition spaces, the Building Improvement Fund will support ongoing upgrades to our museum and cafe, address priority WHS and access issues, replace tired infrastructure and equipment, as well as update building services so that we can provide high standard facilities for our visitors, artists, volunteers, members and staff. Our aim is to strategically use the funds raised to support ‘dollar for dollar’ grant applications and to prioritise building projects to maximise the effectiveness of your donation.

Make an online donation through Give Now or fill out the attached donation form and return it to NERAM.


Look after our art collections

The ongoing work of looking after the 5000+ artworks in the NERAM collections has received a fabulous boost from the ongoing success of our Adopt-an-Artwork program but there still is much more work to do. The Conservation Fund supports the cleaning and presentation of artworks, purchase of new frames as well as contracting in specialist conservation support and advice when required. This work ensures that the treasures in the NERAM collection are available for display and exhibition when required as well as looking after them for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Make an online donation through Give Now or fill out the attached donation form and return it to NERAM.


The future of NERAM

The New England Regional Art Museum is planning for the long haul and by supporting the NERAM Foundation you are making a concrete investment in the future viability of NERAM and its activities. The NERAM Foundation was established to raise money to assist NERAM and its programs through raising donations from the community and investing them to provide an ongoing return with a proportion of the income received being used to support NERAM’s operational budget each year.  These donations provide NERAM with viable long-term financial security and independence, helping us to plan and deliver better exhibitions, programs and events for our community.

Make an online donation through Give Now or fill out the attached donation form and return it to NERAM.

How do I make a donation?

It’s easy to make a donation to the 2017 NERAM Annual Appeal and we welcome donations of any size as every donation makes a difference. 

Make an online donation through Give Now or fill out the attached donation form and return it to NERAM.

2017 NERAM Appeal letter

2017 NERAM Annual Appeal Donation form correct BSB

Donations above $2.00 to the New England Regional Art Museum are tax-deductible.

Donate online:
You can make a direct debit donation from your bank account to ours:
BSB 932-000 Account No. 704 793
Reference: BIF/ CF or Found + your name*
Please note: After making a donation online please complete and send in a copy of the Donation Form so that we can send you a tax-deductible receipt. 

Donate in person:
Download,  print and fill out the 2017 NERAM Annual Appeal Donation form and post, email or drop it into the Front Desk at NERAM.
Please note: We can take cash, credit cards or cheques and will send you a tax-deductible receipt.

Give Now online:
You can donate online through the Give Now website with your credit card or Paypal account.
Each project has its own Give Now page;
Building Improvement Fund
Conservation Fund
NERAM Foundation
Please note: Give Now automatically issues a tax-deductible receipt. 

If you have any enquiries about the projects or making a donation please call us or email us at

Donations above $500 will be acknowledged on the NERAM Donor Board. 

*to assist with us attributing your donation correctly please indicate which project you would like to support:

BIF = Building Improvement Fund
CF = Conservation Fund
Found = NERAM Foundation

Image: Mock up of a salon hang of the Howard Hinton Collection by artist Jonathon Larsen.