'Made in Australia' by Jonathon Larsen

Let NERAM come to you! Explore eye catching original pop art prints by Australian artist Jonathon Larsen. A tailored outreach program where students are able to analyse the subject matter as well as the idea of an artwork leaving the museum environment. What factors need to be considered? Find out more >>

Leigh Hobbs 'Old Tom' Series

Showcasing 6 hand coloured etchings of Old Tom plus the ‘The big book of OLD TOM’ by Leigh Hobbs, an art educator will come to your classroom displaying and discussing the original artworks, reading segments of the hilarious book and engaging in fun art making activities. Find out more >>

Museum of Printing Kit

We unlock the historic treasures in the Museum of Printing and make them available to loan to schools as the beginnings for students to create artworks from. The entire school may participate with students, teachers and support staff benefiting from the program. Find out more >>