Term 2 Creative Learning Programs

NERAM welcomes children and students of all ages to engage in our Creative Learning Programs, 2021.
Browse the Creative Learning programs on offer at NERAM in Term 2 below.
Contact our Education Officer, Alexis Rickards for further information at:
e. education@neram.com.au / p. 6772 5255

Term 2 Creative Learning Programs

ARTEXPRESS guided tour with exclusive curator's talk

NERAM welcomes ARTEXPRESS in 2021, from the 10th April until the 6th June 2021 with opening night 23rd of April.  NERAM invites school groups of all stages for self-guided tours, or guided tours with optional hands-on responsive art-making activities to follow. For senior students guided tours will involve a gallery guide with an exclusive curator’s talk to follow. Find out more >>

deFINE Art Museum Masterclass

Are you a year 10 or 11 art student who wants an immersive experience exploring the inner workings of art galleries and professional creative practice? NERAM is launching deFine Art, a six-week Museum Masterclass that will uncover the behind the scenes operations of the museum. Find out more >>

Hinton, Still Life Session

One of the principle genres of Western art, is Still Life. At NERAM a large proportion of the Hinton exhibition comprises still life, interior and flower arrangements. NERAM invites students to analyse and respond to the Still Life paintings on display in the Hinton exhibition. Looking at colour, light and composition students are then asked to draw the Still Life compositions put together by our arts educators. Find out more >>

War and Peace, discuss and reflect

Exhibition War and Peace highlights works by official war artists in NERAM’s and UNE’s collections alongside works on loan from the Australian War Memorial. After a guided tour by our arts educator, students will discuss and respond to the exhibition through various prompts exploring Armidale’s history during the First and Second World War. Find out more >>

Discovering Museums, A unique 6-week program for preschool + early stage 1.

What is a museum? In this 6-week program, NERAM invites children to investigate museums around the world. What do they hold? What is the largest museum in the world? What is the smallest? Children are then introduced to the wide selection of museums in Armidale and the treasures they hold. Attending a guided tour to NERAM, children will focus on the art museum and the role of an artist. After a visit from a local artist, children are then inspired to create and curate their own exhibition for family and friends to enjoy and celebrate. Find out more >>

Nature Prints, An Outdoor Program.

NERAM invites students to the grounds of the museum to explore, find and make! After a tour of the art museum students are invited to explore the grounds of Black Gully and find their own art making equipment. Guided by our arts educators, students will compile their found objects from the natural world around them in order to create their own unique artwork in the outdoors. Find out more >>

Guided + Self Guided Tours

Conducted by our arts educators, NERAM welcomes school groups to view and engage with current exhibitions. Each session is tailored for each visiting group and can cater for preschool, primary, high school and tertiary education levels. Get started by making an education enquiry here >>

Outreach Programs

Maintain a connection. Book an outreach program and bring the art museum to your classroom. Find out more >>