Term 2 Creative Learning Program

NERAM welcomes children and students of all ages to engage in our Creative Learning Programs, 2024.
Browse the Creative Learning programs on offer at NERAM in Term 2 below.
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Term 2 Creative Learning Program

Around the World in 80 Artworks: 12th April - 7th July

While NERAM is known for our strong collections of Australian Art, we have also acquired an amazing collection from artists featuring or from all corners of the world! Travel through our collection, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe

Students are invited to a guided tour of this exhibitions, with an optional artmaking activity to follow. There are a range of activities that explore a variety of cultures and times, and can also be focused on a particular area to coincide with other studies within your school.

To inform your booking process, we currently only have Monday mornings available for art activities requiring packsaddle studio (painting or sculpture) All dry mediums can be done within the gallery space.

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Wonders of Hinton, February 3 - Ongoing

Students are invited to view the new semipermanent exhibition Wonders of Hinton. Between 1929 and 1948 a collection of over 1000 artworks were donated to the newly constructed Armidale Teachers’ College by the retired shipping agent, Howard Hinton OBE (1866-1948). The collection provides a snapshot into Australian artistic practice in the early twentieth century as well as insight into colonial and post colonial Australia. Students and teachers are invited to a guided tour of the new exhibition and to participate in a storytelling exercise where in which students create a story with the paintings, this can be in pictures or words. Suitable for all ages from preschool onwards. Make an enquiry here >

Image Credit: Fred Leist, Australian Girl, n.d., oil on canvas, Gift of Howard Hinton, 1946

Australian Alphabet: 12th April - 26th May

Come and explore the alphabet through a range o artworks by the Southern Highland Printmakers! Their 26 members were randomly allocated a letter of the alphabet and invited to think about the country during a difficult 2020. This resulted in a whole gamut of printmaking techniques and creativity that show that Australia has its own unique people, animals, landscape and structures.

Students are invited to explore this exhibition and learn about the techniques used to create some of these prints – a great addition to your excursion would be our Museum of Printing (just downstairs!) to see first hand how some of our incredible printing presses can create prints by making their own!

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Earthed: 31st May - 7th July

To continue the term with a bang, come and explore our exhibition ‘Earthed’ which recognises the unravelling and decline of the earth and its fragile environments. The artists features are from all around Australia and have been selected based on their connection to the environment and passion in protecting it.
This exhibition coincides with World Environment Day on Wednesday the 5th of June and would be a great opportunity to explore this concept in a meaningful manner.

Students are invited to tour the exhibition and then take part in an optional artmaking activity of poster making to advocate for their environment and how we can protect it.

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