Term 1 Creative Learning Program

NERAM welcomes children and students of all ages to engage in our Creative Learning Programs, 2024.
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Term 1 Creative Learning Program

Wynne Prize 2023 Regional Tour + Wynne in our Backyard: February 9 - April 7

Touring for the first time, the annual Wynne Prize was first awarded in 1897 in honour of the official opening of the Art Gallery of New South Wales at its present site. Judged by the trustees of the Art Gallery, the prize is awarded to the best landscape painting of Australian scenery or for the best example of figurative sculpture by an Australian artist.

An Art Gallery of NSW touring exhibition

To coincide with The Wynne Prize 2023 at NERAM, Wynne in our Backyard features local artists who have been selected and shown in past Wynne Prizes. Includes paintings by Leah Bullen, Ross Laurie, Angus Nivison and sculpture by James Rogers.

Students are invited to a guided tour of these exhibitions, with an optional artmaking activity to follow. There are a range of activities that explore both the landscape and sculptural aspect of this exhibition that are suitable from preschool to high school aged students.

For Stage 6 Visual Arts students, there is also a case study exploring the genre of landscape and focusing on the experiences of our local Wynne finalists being a part of this prestigious art prize.

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Image Credit: Zaachariaha Fielding, Inma, acrylic on linen, 2023

Wonders of Hinton, February 3 - Ongoing

Students are invited to view the new semipermanent exhibition Wonders of Hinton. Between 1929 and 1948 a collection of over 1000 artworks were donated to the newly constructed Armidale Teachers’ College by the retired shipping agent, Howard Hinton OBE (1866-1948). The collection provides a snapshot into Australian artistic practice in the early twentieth century as well as insight into colonial and post colonial Australia. Students and teachers are invited to a guided tour of the new exhibition and to participate in a storytelling exercise where in which students create a story with the paintings, this can be in pictures or words. Suitable for all ages from preschool onwards. Make an enquiry here >

Image Credit: Fred Leist, Australian Girl, n.d., oil on canvas, Gift of Howard Hinton, 1946

Urbanus: Open Bite Printmakers: February 9 - April 7

Open Bite Printmakers have responded to the challenge of looking at their environment and art practice through the dual prisms of inhibition and inspiration, prompted by the restrictions imposed during various lockdowns from 2020 onwards. The exhibition explores the personal response by our members to the notion of an urban environment with its excesses and limitations, the common and the uncommon, and aims to challenge the viewer to engage with their own understanding of the subject.

Urban spaces mean different things to everyone and are a complete sensory experience. Students are invited to explore their own understanding of this through the act of storytelling in a variety of ways, including optional artmaking. This program is suitable for all ages from preschool onwards.

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Young Wynners - landscape art competition

To celebrate the Wynne Prize 2023 touring exhibition coming to NERAM we are holding a landscape art competition for all of the young artists out there!

There are prizes for each of our 4 age categories to be won, as well as a virtual exhibition on our website to show off the local talent in our amazing area.

The age categories are;

  • 5-8 year olds
  • 9-12 year olds
  • 13-15 year olds
  • 16-18 year olds

The only rules are that you have to have made the work yourself in 2024 and it has to be a landscape artwork.

To enter, follow the link here, and good luck! We can’t wait to see your masterpieces!

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