See think wonder

See think wonder

Michael Taylor, Tree, 1974, Oil on canvas

  • What is the artists focal point?
  • Is this a landscape?
  • How has the artist created movement?
  • Do the colours make you feel warm or cold?

Joe Brainard, Red poppies and butterflies, 1969, Collage of cut paper and watercolour

  • The artist uses bright red and yellow contrasted with black and white, which colour stands out the most?
  • What sort of composition is this?
  • Where would you see flowers and butterflies together?
  • What season do you think this collage is depicting?

Lawrence Daws, Bathurst Landscape I, 1988, Gouache, ink and oil stick on canvas

  • Is this landscape familiar?
  • What do the contoured lines do to the image?
  • What kind of light has the artist used?
  • How do the colours make you feel?