Use your senses

Use your senses

Emmanuel Phillips Fox, St. Marks, Venice 1907, Oil on canvas

  • Does this landscape depict an Australian setting? If not, why?
  • What colours stand out?
  • What time of day is it in this scene?
  • What style or movement do you think the artist is influenced by?

A.D. MacCormick (1860-1943) A Tasty Dish n.d. Oil on canvas

  • Where are they?
  • Does it look comfortable in this room? What does the lighting in the room indicate?
  • What can you smell?
  • What is the rug on the floor?

Elioth Gruner, The Beach. 1918 Oil on canvas

  • Have you been to a beach like this? Where is this?
  • What sort of brushstroke has the artists used to create light?
  • What time of the day is it?
  • Is it a happy, joyful scene?