Museum of Printing Creative Learning Programs

Museum of Printing Creative Learning Programs

Clay Impressions - Preschoolers

Touch, feel, and explore the many possibilities of molding with polymer clay. In the tradition of analogue printing using molded ‘stereotypes’, children will create their own printing plate design by imprinting letters and shapes into clay. By manipulating, transferring and experimenting with texture children will form their own 3D creations to be baked and brought home. Find out more >>

Lego Printing - Primary

Elevate the use of lego in this unique printmaking program. Guided by an arts educator students will replicate the tradition of letterpress printing using lego tiles to recreate shapes or other elements of a selected work in the museum on a base plate. Students will be able to mix ink and roll it onto their ‘forme’ under supervision and watch the facilitator print it on the etching press. Find out more >>

Pictured: Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro, Downstairs Dining Room – Octopus, 2014, Lego, IKEA chair and plant with hanger

Letterpress Printing Vintage Ads - Secondary

We invite secondary students to unlock the history of vintage print advertising. Following a tour of the Museum of Printing collection and brief history of print publishing, students will design their own A4 page magazine ad, combining vintage printing blocks with moveable type. Students are asked to consider historical and cultural context alongside design elements, principles and fonts. Find out more >>