Safe Space

Take a virtual tour through NERAM's current exhibition Safe Space and engage with the resources below...

Safe Space

Education Resource, Stages 3-5

This Education Resource supports the touring exhibition Safe Space contemporary sculpture. The contents align with the Australian Curriculum, specifically Years 5 – 10. Key Ideas from each of the Learning Areas – English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Technologies, Health and Physical Education, Languages – are implemented throughout this Education Resource. Suggested questions and tasks integrate one or more of the General Capabilities and/or Cross-Curriculum Priorities. Educators are invited to select and modify the questions and tasks in this Education Resource to provide opportunities for different levels of engagement for both phases of learning. Click to view/download Education Resource Safe Space >>

Activity, Early Stages 1 - 2

Have you ever heard of an artist collaborating with bees? Featured Safe Space artist Franz Ehmann folded his business shirts into neat rectangles and coated them in wax before inserting into the frames in the honey box of his bee hives. When he drew them out after two weeks, the insects had built up wax cell structures all over the shirts! The beehive is a safe space that is defended determinedly by the bees – investigate the wonderful world of bees and partake in fun activities here >>