Term 2 Creative Learning

NERAM welcomes children and students of all ages to engage in our Creative Learning Programs, 2022.
Contact our Education Officer, Alexis Rickards for further information at:
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Term 2 Creative Learning

Archibald Prize 2021 | Portraiture workshop

Bring your students along to experience the Archibald Prize 2021 first hand.

On display at NERAM from the 13th May – 26th June students receive a guided tour from an arts educator followed by an optional portraiture workshop. Students are then able to submit their portrait to go into the Young Archie competition.  Find out more here >>

Winner Archibald Prize 2021. Winner Archibald Prize 2021, Peter Wegner Portrait of Guy Warren at 100 (detail) © the artist

Interconnected - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

13th May – 26 June

Featuring over 70 contemporary Australian artists ‘Interconnected’ explores the latest contemporary art and their many different mediums and styles. With just some of the work pictured above, secondary students will have the opportunity to participate in interactive art activities both in the gallery and back in the classroom. Find out more here >>

Hiromi Tango, “Red Moon 赤い月 (2022)

Tableaux vivant ‘Living Pictures' | Creative play with Hinton

Translated from French, tableaux vivant means ‘living pictures.’ In this creative arts program NERAM has selected a number of paintings from the iconic Hinton collection and carefully sourced costumes and props for students to create there own tableaux vivant.  NERAM invites students to investigate the pose, and facial expression of characters in the paintings on display with continuous interaction artworks they are trying to recreate. Find out more here >>


NERAM invites students to the grounds of the museum to explore, find and make! After a tour of the art museum students are invited to explore the grounds of Black Gully and find their own art making equipment. Guided by our arts educators, students will compile their found objects from the natural world around them in order to create their own unique artwork in the outdoors. Find out more >>

Hinton Art Appreciation Workshop followed by Still Life Exercises

Delve into the Hinton Collection through an in-depth art appreciation session with an arts educator. Investigate colonial Australian art, the artist camps, female artists in the collection & the emerging modernists on display. To follow, complete a series of sketching exercises in the gallery space looking at line, shape and tone. Find out more >>

PRIMARY: MUSEUM IN A BOX – Printmaking with Lego

NERAM, Museum of Printing and Hopscotch Press present this program to creatively engage primary school students with their local museums without leaving the classroom environment. Investigating the history of printing with a museum of printing education resource, students are encouraged to discover the original letterpress process through printing with lego. Find out more here >>

PRIMARY: MUSEUM IN A BOX – Making Monotypes, Experimenting with Colour + Composition.

NERAM presents this program to creatively engage primary school students with their local museums without leaving the classroom environment. NERAM invites students to experiment with colour, shape and texture to create their own unique compositions using the versatile and user friendly method of gelli printing. Students will look at the work of iconic French artist Henri Matisse as well as artist from the NERAM collection, John Coburn. Find out more here >>

SECONDARY: MUSEUM IN A BOX - Printing Vintage Ads

Engaging in Museum of Printing education resource and worksheets provided students will gain an understanding of the history of print publishing. Introduced to the history and concepts of vintage print advertising, students will create there own A4 page magazine ad using a collection of vintage printing blocks from Museum of Printing .  Students will combine the block with stencil type and copy from a typewriter to convey their own message interpreting the block in its historic and cultural context. Find out more >>

PRIMARY: MUSEUM IN A BOX - 'Old Tom' Character Creation

Originally an outreach program with an educator, this program has now been transformed into a pick up museum in a box program available to loan to schools.  Explore the fantastic prints of ‘Old Tom’ by Australian artist and acclaimed author Leigh Hobbs. Explore the artwork, big book and hilarious cartoon of Old Tom and then create your own unique characters to cause chaos with Old Tom! Find out more here >>