Failure: LAB at NERAM

Failure: Lab is an international movement showcasing personal stories of failure. This one-of-a-kind format features a diverse blend of storytelling, music, theatre and audience interaction. Jeremy Staples, storyteller and Cultural Seed Planter  will be visiting Armidale enroute to the Sydney Vivid Festival event (on May 28th).

Midway through riding 999 kilometers on his bicycle from Brisbane to Sydney Jeremy Staples will  present his Positive Failures talk here at NERAM at 3.00pm on Thursday 12 May 2016. Along with sharing his own Positive Failures, Jeremy is inviting local creatives to share their own experiences with the aim to break down the fear of failure.

“Life without risks, is it living? Taking risks and throwing yourself into adventures or situations, inspires themes, dialogue and creation. Cycling to Sydney is a great way to get a conversation started and to get people thinking what is possible if you put your mind to something.” 
Jeremy Staples

Find out more about Jeremy’s journey online.


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