A wealth of media with seven new exhibitions

A wealth of media with seven new exhibitions

Seven new exhibitions are opening at NERAM on 14 November at 6pm.

The Howard Hinton Collection is at the core of NERAM’s operations and Hinton The Munificent includes some of the gems of the collection in an exhibition in conjunction with the launch of a new published catalogue of the collection.

The other exhibition based on NERAM’s collections is Print and Process II, which takes prints from all NERAM’s collections and displays them in the context of the process that were used to create them.  This is a great opportunity to learn how print-making works and what the expressive possibilities of each process are.

Vince Vozzo is an original and exciting sculptor whose works are magical figures of beauty and wit. He is well known for beautiful, curvaceous, sandstone and marble carvings of buddhas, nudes, and large heads. This exhibition, a selection of the last thirty years work, includes sculptures, paintings, drawings and three dimensional drawings painted on fantastic papier mache sculptures.   Vince will also be giving an Artist Talk on Saturday 15 November at 10:30am.

Striking Contrasts is a screen based exhibition featuring ten contemporary Australian video artists, including Angelica Mesiti, John Conomos, Grant Stevens and Deborah Kelly.  Reflecting on two distinctive and opposing visions of the Australian cultural landscape, that of the vast centre to the built up city peripheries, the exhibition explores these contrasts though various techniques such as documentary film, narrative sequence and the use of found footage.

But there is more – two selling exhibitions, in both cases collaborations between two artists.

A journey through France and painting ‘close to home’, combine in Landform by two regional landscape artists. Gabrielle’s series of paintings are rapid impressions, fleeting images of landscape glimpsed from a speeding train.  Window views of urban and agricultural land with natural forms and human footprints. Michelle’s abstract works draw our attention to shape and colour in landscape. Monochromatic works and blocks of startling colour beautifully simplify the natural landscape.

In A Sense of pLace, Lin Quaife and Vicki Taylor’s works are linked by lace. Quaife creates fine filigrees in delicate on paper while Taylor uses wire in large scale lace-like sculptural works.  The contrast between the macro and micro levels inherent in the different works  creates a beautiful frisson.

Finally a special component to our opening on 14th – the final incarnation of the Beyond Empathy project – Catharsis.   An interactive community art installation that began with shredding written negative thoughts, and turning them into fresh paper with printed positive text.  The installation at NERAM includes artworks, words, images and sounds.  Catharsis has been supported by Beyond Empathy in partnership with New England Regional Art Museum, Locals4Locals, Armidale Dumaresq Council Youth Services, Community Mutual and the Australia Council.

All are welcome for our spectacular gala opening on Friday 14th November at 6pm – seven new exhibitions and one book launch all at the same time… Not to be missed!