Ageing ARTfully

Ageing ARTfully

Sunday 16 March 2014  11am to 3pm

Colour your Day!  Drop in, join in! Stay a while or stay all day! Nothing to pay and loads of fun to be had!

A creative day for older people in the community offering a range of fun and hands on activities. Reignite the flame of creativity, unlock hidden talents and experiment with everything from music, art, theatre, photography, singing, craft and literature.


[list type=”circle”]
[item]Fabulous Fashionistas! – Calling all singles and couples, friends and family! Come dressed in your finery for a fabulous fashion photograph![/item]
[item]Talking Heads – Gain an insight into a different experience of life with conversations from a diverse collection of colourful people from the New England community.[/item]
[item]Tangram Tangle & Snap – Have fun tussling with tangrams and playing tangram snap – challenging but fun art games to bring out your hidden creativity![/item]
[item]Musical Cocktails – Pick up an instrument and join with others to make a musical cocktail with 30 instruments to choose from – musical magic or musical mayhem, there is something for everyone![/item]
[item]Pop-up Choir – Join in the singing – no previous experience required, for anyone who loves to sing– shower singers and professionals alike.[/item]
[item]Dance up a Storm – Foxtrot, salsa, rumba – whatever your level of fitness, dancing is a fun way to socialise and keep fit in the process.[/item]

[item]Painting Poetry – Creative group poetry in a flash from NERAM’s collections that will have your imaginations soaring![/item]

[item]Theatre Games – Be yourself or be someone else – stimulate your senses, awaken your imagination, and activate body movement, in creative interaction.[/item]
[item]Yarn-bombing – Get your knitting needles out and make some warm winter coats for the NERAM sculptures![/item]

[item]Ukulele Orchestra & Drumming Circle – join all-singing, all-strumming Ukulele players or drum away to your hearts content in a rhythmic physical group activity.[/item]