ARTful Antics

ARTful Antics

Sunday 15 March 2015  11am to 3pm

Colour your Day!  You’re never too old to have fun!  Drop in, join in! Stay a while or stay all day! 

A creative day for older people in the community offering a range of fun and hands on activities. Reignite the flame of creativity, unlock hidden talents and experiment with everything from music, art, theatre, movement, singing, craft and fashion.  All activities are free.  For 50+.  Come along and join in the fun!


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[item]Passion for Fashion! – Dress up or dress down, add some crazy accessories, hats or shoes and let your dress express your creative ambitions. Spot prizes for the most creative outfit.[/item]
[item]Against the Grain – Grab a drawing tool, possibly not one you might expect to draw with, and a sheet of paper, and beat the hourglass. Pass it around to end up with an artwork that everyone has had a hand in creating. Expect the unexpected.[/item]
[item]Armchair Theatre Treats – Take a role in a drama, mystery or comedy play. Bring it to life without having to leave a comfy armchair. Your ‘part’ will be determined by the colour chair you sit in![/item]
[item]Musical Cocktails – Pick up an instrument and join with others to make a musical cocktail with 30 instruments to choose from – musical magic or musical mayhem, there is something for everyone![/item]
[item]Hit the High Notes – Join in the singing – no previous experience required, for anyone who loves to sing– shower singers and professionals alike. Singing is uplifting and makes people feel good, especially when they sing together. Try something a bit different.[/item]
[item]Meditative Movements – Tai Chi is an ancient art form that can move you to feeling more alive and creative. Good for the mind, body and soul and a great way to awaken your imagination.[/item]

[item]Painting Poetry – Creative group poetry in a flash from NERAM’s collections that will have your imaginations soaring![/item]

[item]Theatre Games – Be yourself or be someone else – stimulate your senses, awaken your imagination, and activate body movement, in creative interaction.[/item]
[item]Fibre Fusion – Get creative with fabrics, wool and other fibres and bring your knitting needles to make some fantastic fusion fibre art![/item]