Leading local artist Pat Elkin will be discussing her artistic practice and the role of making artwork in her life as part of the eclectic program on offer at the September Creative Ageing Morning Tea at New England Regional Art Museum at 10.00am this Friday 15 September 2017.

The Creative Ageing Morning Tea will also include a belly-dancing performance by Suzi Grant from Bellydance Earth and Sky and an artistic activity with artist Kelly Gulliver as well as a free morning tea from NERAM Café.

“At NERAM we believe that the arts can play an important role in people’s lives as they get older, providing opportunities to exercise their minds and creativity as well as important social interactions for people living on their own,” said Robert Heather, Art Museum Director.

“Our current major exhibition is a retrospective of artworks by leading Australian artist Elisabeth Cummings who is in her eighties and on top of her form being hailed as one of the most significant artists of her generation and still creating wonderful paintings.”

“The Creative Ageing Morning Tea is an opportunity for local people to gather together at NERAM and enjoy a range of artistic and social activities in a congenial environment.”

“We are delighted that Pat Elkin has agreed to inspire us all by sharing some her insights and wisdom as an artist with the people who attend the event.”

Pat Elkin was an instigator and founding member of the Packsaddle Fundraising Committee at the New England Regional Art Museum whose support over 32 years has assisted with the acquisition of significant works for the NERAM Collection. She has been an artist all of her life, has also run a commercial gallery and held numerous exhibitions of paintings, most recently in 2015 at NERAM.

Pat was born in Chatswood and attended the Sydney Technical College Art School where she studied drawing, converting to a correspondence course after moving to Windsor. She also studied evening classes with Desiderious Orban, John Olsen and John Ogburn as well as numerous Summer Schools at UNE.

The Creative Ageing Morning Tea at the New England Regional Art Museum is made possible with the generous support of the Home Nursing Group.

Bookings can be made directly online – click here.