Exhibition Opening 6pm Friday

Exhibition Opening 6pm Friday

Earth Textures in new NERAM Exhibitions

Two new exhibitions that open at NERAM on 19 September explore earthen textures and colours and both create a dialogue between ceramic works and paintings.

Interconnect by Guyra artist Anna Henderson combines semi-abstract paintings built up with layer after layer of paint to create richly textured works that exude a sense of history.  These are juxtaposed with ceramics that used traditional raku, sawdust and saggar firing which create similar textures and resonances on her wheel thrown and hand built ceramics.

A slightly different dialogue is created by North Coast artists Ray Rixon and Phil Greed. #4 (the name derives from this being their fourth collaborative show). It is inspired by the coastal edge with Rixon contributing paintings and Greed ceramics. It celebrates the geologic and organic textures, forms, colours and rhythms of the littoral and is influenced by elemental energies of earth water, fire and wind.

Both exhibitions are selling exhibitions and run until 9 November.

Rixon and Greed will also present an artists’ floor talk at NERAM at 10:30am on Saturday 20 September, which is a great opportunity to find out what lies behind the works.