Friday 9 August Gala Exhibition Opening

Friday 9 August Gala Exhibition Opening

Ready to have your senses overwhelmed? Opening this Friday, NERAM presents a feast of exhibitions that make visual indulgence a sheer pleasure.

Sensory Visions brings together the pleasure of painting and the pleasure of looking. Works from the NERAM collections have been chosen because they are each driven by the artist’s intent to explore the senses through vision. ‘Feel’ the warm bask of firelight, ‘hear’ the crunch of ice underfoot, ‘see’ the soaring notes of an aria, or ‘taste’ the bloom of late harvest fruit. Art stimulates all our senses and this exhibition explores just how extraordinary this is.   

As spring makes its first appearance heralded by the colour of wattles and daffodils, NERAM revisits the collection to bring a burst of sunshine to the lengthening days. The exhibition Yellow spotlights the collections through a colour connection, inviting everyone to revisit afresh familiar and less well-known works through a curatorial eye.

The Sheltering Tree unites a diverse group of Sydney printmakers. From the tree in the landscape, part of a beautiful and fragile ecosystem and one that invites our support as it supports us, to the tree as a sacred object, the life force or the mother, and the wider support systems in our lives of personal relationships; this exhibition explores a sensation we all find familiarity in – that of a sheltering tree.

Equally immersive is the intergenerational digital media project Creating Memories which will run at NERAM until 15 September. Step into the experience of creating and sharing memories between younger and older generations. This project was developed by NERAM in collaboration with digital media artist Lazslo Szabo, and brings together students from Armidale High School with Autumn Lodge residents.

Finally artist Pamela French set herself a challenge – draw something everyday of the year.  This exhibition, Drawn through the year is the result – quick drawings from places visited, the studio and family life. French shares with us a visual intimacy of her diary drawings and paintings from 2012. 

New exhibitions all opening this Friday 9 August at 6pm.  Opening remarks by Angus Adair, Convenor of the Armidale Urban Landcare Group.  All welcome.