Gala Exhibitions Opening

Gala Exhibitions Opening

Six exhibitions open at the New England Regional Art Museum on Friday 11 May 2012 at 6pm.  Everyone in the community is welcome to come along and join the celebrations.

Clare McFadden, author and illustrator of the delightful children’s book, The Flying Orchestra will officially open Come by Chance (11 May to 15 July), an exhibition of enchanting original watercolour drawings from the much-loved children’s book Come By Chance, written and illustrated by Madeleine Winch and first published in 1988. Life-size calico farmyard characters from the story are on display too.

Also new from 11 May is Hinton’s Grand Tour (11 May to 5 August), an exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through Europe and the United Kingdom. See the iconic cities and monuments in paintings from the museum’s Howard Hinton Collection.

Cross-hatching and Shading (11 May to 5 August) offers a rare opportunity to burrow down to the technical side of NERAM’s Chandler Coventry Collection. This exquisite exhibition looks at mark making by artists using a variety of mediums.

Smalltown (11 May to 5 August) features images captured by photographer Martin Mischkulnig when he retraced the formative years of his life living with his parents in small, roadside, country motels. He travelled through smalltown Australia documenting a view of our regional areas which is often overlooked. The exhibition is accompanied by an essay by novelist Tim Winton.

Stephen King: Against the Grain (11 May-5 August) and Laurie Mossuto: Time Line (11 May-15 July) are both selling exhibitions.  In King’s show, the towering, often roughly hewn sculptures reveal the artist’s appreciation of the beauty of the timber from which they are made. Mossuto’s exhibition is the artist’s visual journey over 50 years. Contemporary images of shapes, patterns and colours are minimalist by nature, but still manage to capture the life and figurative reality of the subjects.

Author and illustrator Clare McFadden is visiting Armidale to participate in Writers and Illustrators in Residence in the New England Region: Creative Communities in Children’s and Young Adult Literature, a University of New England project.