The Great Debate

The Great Debate

ART or SCIENCE? You be the Judge!

NERAM’s Great Debate: ART or SCIENCE?
6:00pm, Saturday 9 August 2014
TAS Hoskins Theatre

Tickets: $28.00 including refreshments

Book online here

If you had to make a choice, what would it be? ART or SCIENCE?

Step away from the armchair and join us for a lively, fun and fascinating ‘Great Debate’ as two teams entertain the proposition “Without art there would be no science”

This event is a NERAM Foundation Fundraiser: voting by donation will be encouraged!

Chaired by Adam Marshall MP

The ART Team:
Dr David Curtis, musician, art theorist and ecologist
Jim Belshaw, Historian, blogger and regular NERAM visitor
Dr Jane Kreis, actor-director, arts and cultural development expert

Professor Annabelle Duncan, Vice Chancellor, UNE
Professor Aron Murphy, Head, School of Science and Technology, UNE
Professor Iain Young, Head, School of Environmental and Rural Science, UNE

Image: Ashley Taylor, 1983, Still life, oil on canvas, NERAM Collection