LECTURE: The Challenges of Conservation

LECTURE: The Challenges of Conservation

The Challenges of Conservation

Julian Bickersteth, Managing Director, International Conservation Services

A Free Public Lecture – all welcome

Thursday 14th April at 6.30pm  at New England Regional Art Museum 

Conservation challenges come in many shapes and sizes.

Historic material was often not meant to last and perhaps surprisingly contemporary art throws up many issues, despite the view that ’new’ art should not need conserving.

Julian Bickersteth founded and has run International Conservation Services for the last 30 years and is an expert on the relationship between artefacts, collections and buildings.  Internationally he has worked on the National Museum of Kuwait after the Gulf War, the ancient quarter of the historic city of Hanoi, Vietnam, and the Ayala Museum and the Museum of Manila in the Philippines. He is closely involved in the planning for the conservation of Mawson’s Hut at Commonwealth Bay and the huts of Scott and Shackleton in the Ross Sea regions of Antarctica.

In a wide ranging illustrated talk he will detail some of these challenges, and the stories behind them. He will particularly focus on the challenges of conservation of historic material in Antarctica, using UNE’s 1908 copy of Shackleton’s’ Aurora Australis, the first book to be written, illustrated, printed and bound in the Antarctic as a case study. The book itself will be on display as part of the lecture.

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This lecture is part of New England Regional Art Museum’s Adopt an Artwork program which has received support from the Commonwealth Government through the  Stronger Communities Program and from Creative Partnerships Australia through their Plus 1 Program.

Presented by New England Regional Art Museum and the University of New England