Exhibitions Opening THIS FRIDAY

Exhibitions Opening THIS FRIDAY


Opening Remarks by Dr Jane Kreis, RADO Arts North West.


B.C. (before computers)

Think back to what life was like before computers, the internet , mobile phones, Facebook and 3D printing!  This exhibition will appeal not only to all the Luddites out there but to the younger generation who don’t know what a blackboard is, that chess is a game between two people or that an abacus is something you use to add up on.

Euraba Artists and Papermakers Strong Women Strong Will

Euraba Artists & Papermakers is a group of Northern NSW Indigenous artists specialising in handmade paper art. In the Goomeroi language Euraba means place of healing. Euraba Artists & Papermakers embrace the healing nature of art for the local community and those who appreciate fine art.

Art Relay – Pass-it -on

This Arts North West touring exhibition is a group exhibition and the culmination of a mentoring program.  A group of this region’s Aboriginal Artists worked for 12 months under the guidance of three mentors to produce the artworks for this exhibition