Painting the Lands

Painting the Lands

Friday 8 August 8 5.30pm.

Pre-opening Floor Talk

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Dr June Ross, Adjunct Professor of Archaeology at UNE, has researched, taught and published extensively on Aboriginal art works, and has undertaken fieldwork throughout central and northern Australia.

Dr Ross is currently participating in a collaborative project with many of the Aboriginal artists whose paintings are included in the NERAM exhibition, Ngayulu Witini Ngayuku Mamaku. Ngayulu Witini Ngayuku Ngunytjuku Tjukurpa (I hold my Father’s story.  I hold my Mother’s story).  Her talk willprovide insights into the origins of the imagery used in the exhibition’s paintings and the context of their production.

The artists from this remote desert region describe their paintings in a different way, omitting any reference to visual appeal, simply stating ‘ …  we have painted our country and our story’. This statement, succinctly encapsulates the depth and complexity of the art, and points to the significance of the relationship between the artists, their Dreaming or Tjurkurpa andthe arid landscape in which they live. Viewed in this way, the paintings take on new layers of meaning and added richness that complements and enhances their aesthetic appeal.

IMAGE: Tjampawa Kawiny, Mona Mitakiki, Tjimpayie Prestley and Joyleen Prestley, “Seven Sisters” acrylic on linen