Public Talks – White Connection

Public Talks – White Connection

In conjunction with the exhibition The White Connection, NERAM is hosting a series of Public Talks which explore different aspects of the White Family and their influence on the development of Armidale.

The White family were prominent members of the Armidale community from the late 1880s, who left a lasting legacy of influence, both public and private, that survives in the city to this day. The White Connection connects the threads of the White family throughout Armidale and highlights their involvement in local activities, from community activities to family affairs, providing help and strength in times of trouble.

Saturday 8 February 11am:

Anne Philp (family member and historian): Stories of Saumarez White Family and Armidale.

Anne will be talking on the connection of the Saumarez White family to Armidale during their lives here from 1879 to 1982, in particular her grandfather F.J.White and his daughters Misses Mary & Elsie White.

Anne’s childhood was spent amongst her grandparents and aunts at Saumarez, followed by school at NEGS and University in Sydney at Sydney University and later Macquarie University. As a historian she has researched and helped to institute the guiding program at National Trust property Saumarez Homestead. A new edition of her book “The Ladies of Saumarez” is now available.


Saturday 22 February 11am:

Ian Stephenson (UNE Curator): Mary White and the Colonial Revival.

Mary White, unlike her immediate family, was interested in the work of contemporary Australian artists.  In the 1930s and 40s she donated many of her paintings and books to the Armidale Teachers’ College and the New England University College.  This talk explores one of the dominant themes of this collection, the early twentieth century Colonial Revival movement.


Ian Stephenson is the Curator at the University of New England.  He was formerly National Trust Curator and CEO of the National Trust of SA and is now a Director of the NSW National Trust Board. Ian has curated many exhibitions, lectured on historic houses and their collections and published numerous articles on architectural history.


Saturday 1 March 11am:

Clive Lucas (architect and heritage consultant): The White Family and their Architectural Patronage.

There is a tendency for people to believe that the White family only used the architect John Horbury Hunt. Their patronage was actually very much broader than this and they used a number of architects for what they built and influenced in New England and elsewhere in NSW.

Clive Lucas has been Director of Clive Lucas, Stapleton and Partners Pty Ltd, a Sydney based architecture and heritage consultancy, since 1970 and is an internationally acclaimed specialist in the heritage and conservation arena and responsible for sensitive restoration of some of the most notable buildings in NSW.