The New England Regional Art Museum is pleased to announce a new three-year sponsorship agreement with the University of New England.

The sponsorship agreement supports the on-going partnership between NERAM and UNE to present exhibitions and programs that facilitate student engagement and cultural education.
“We are very excited at NERAM to grow and further strengthen our collaboration with UNE,” said Rachael Parsons, Acting Director. “This new agreement will enable us to increase our engagement and education programs for students, and to develop joint exhibitions and events that highlight the exciting collections and research from both institutions.

“NERAM and UNE have been working closely together for over a decade to deliver the annual University of New England Student Acquisitive Prize (UNESAP). The UNESAP program has been designed to raise the profile, status and interest in the visual arts and art education in New South Wales’ regional and rural schools and annually attracts hundreds of entries from New England primary and secondary students. More recently we have also presented a number of programs with UNE International to introduce students to Australian art and culture. This sponsorship agreement will ensure that these programs can continue and be expanded”

“It is an important aim of NERAM’s to be involved in the community and culture of the NEW England Region and to connect with the region’s organisations, institutions and communities. We are looking forward to continuing to work with UNE staff and to build on our existing connections with the university.

UNE Vice-Chancellor, Professor Annabelle Duncan, said that the University’s sponsorship of NERAM represents a valuable collaboration between two organisations with different capabilities, but a shared philosophy of supporting Arts in the region.

“UNE and NERAM carry a shared heritage, in that our foundation arts collections were built in the mid-20th Century by collectors who were colleagues with shared tastes, and who both left their collections to the New England community. The summer schools run by the University in the past also brought a steady stream of artists to Armidale, and their works also enrich the UNE collection.”

“UNE’s sponsorship of NERAM formalises our links, and our shared interest in ensuring that the visual arts and Arts education remain a strong influence on the region’s culture. I look forward to more joint education initiatives, joint exhibitions, and joint support for research.”

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Image: Rachel Parsons, NERAM’s Acting Director; UNE Vice-Chancellor, Professor Annabelle Duncan; NERAM Board Chair, Andrew Murray