Community donations to make a lasting mark on NERAM

Community donations to make a lasting mark on NERAM

At NERAM’s recent exhibition opening, Rachael Parsons, NERAM Director made an exciting announcement of two major donations made to the Museum.

Mr Tim Fairfax AC and Mrs Gina Fairfax have made a significant donation to support an expanded cultural education program that will be delivered over the next eighteen months. The donation will fund an Education Officer position to develop and facilitate the program as well as funding for the pilot program delivery.

“Education is an important aspect of our current program at NERAM but is also an area that we have wanted to grow,” said Rachael Parsons. “Thanks to the remarkable donation by Tim and Gina Fairfax we will be able to better connect with schools and students, to bring them into the museum to have creative experiences amongst our collections and exhibitions. For schools or communities where travelling to the museum is not possible because of distance, we will bring the museum to them through outreach programming.”

Tim and Gina Fairfax have been major philanthropic supporters of the arts, education and community initiatives, with a focus on regional communities.

Further to this, a donation from Bruce and Rose McCarthy, members of the local NERAM community, of $100,000 has been made to NERAM for the refurbishment of the NERAM Café.

“We are so excited to be able to do a major redevelopment of the Café space,” said Rachael Parsons. “The kitchen will be re-designed to build capacity and functionality, and we will design a new dining experience with a distinct visual identity that is welcoming, enjoyable and connected to our creative vision at NERAM.”

“The generosity of Bruce and Rose is stunning, and it will have a truly meaningful impact on NERAM. A great café in combination with a great museum creates a destination, supports the commercial viability of our whole operation and provides a better experience for our visitors.”

“We are so grateful to Tim and Gina Fairfax and Rose and Bruce McCarthy, for their generosity towards NERAM. So much of what we do is supported by private donations from our community and supporters. We appreciate it and extend our sincere thanks.”

“We are currently running our 2019 Annual Appeal, in which we are asking our community to help NERAM through making a tax-deductible donation to the NERAM Foundation.”

“NERAM’s 2019 Appeal has an important and vital focus on growing our Foundation to a point where it will provide NERAM a stable and significant funding basis that will ensure the kind of stability that is needed for us to provide meaningful and outstanding cultural experiences, grow our capacity and impact within the region and plan for future developments.”

“With the support of our community we can build the Foundation to a point where it will be the key provider of annual funding to NERAM.”

New England Regional Art Museum Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation that receives funding from the Armidale Regional Council, Create NSW and the Margaret Olley Art Trust. Donations to New England Regional Art Museum are tax-deductible.

To find out more about donating to the 2019 NERAM Annual Appeal and the Howard Hinton Collection visit:

Image: Bruce and Rose McCarthy with NERAM Director Rachael Parsons