This final week saw the last portrait completed, and the formation of the final work. The last portrait was a reference to both Dundas’ original figure and my time physically in the NERAM collection. This final portrait developed naturally, as I felt confident in where I was going with the body of work.

So, TA-DA! There she is, all in a row. The artist who radiates self-importance; the subject who is poised, but not impressed by the work of the artist; the figure who just likes to be included in an arty milieu; and the keen but submissive drawer. I feel like in this accumulation of work I didn’t just ‘replicate’ Dundas’ image, but recontextualised it. I made it my own – both metaphorically and literally.

With this final post, I’d just like to thank the team at NERAM for selecting and supporting me through this time. It has been a fantastic experience, and I consider myself so lucky to have had this opportunity as there are many fantastic artists in the North West who would have also benefited from such a residency. I’d also like to thank my family and friends, in particular my sister Claudia, who provided invaluable feedback and artistic guidance.

I hope that you’ll continue to follow my journey as a young, emerging, female Australian artist. Perhaps maybe one day, my works will be hanging on the walls of NERAM and will inspire another emerging artist in some way to create a body of work.

– Erika Sorby @esorbyartist



Douglas Dundas, En Plein Air (c. 1930), oil on canvas. Gift of the Society of Artists, 1939. The Howard Hinton Collection.

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